I grew up in eastern Washington searching for adrenaline in motorbikes, snowboarding and downhill mountain bike racing.  I’m getting older now, and I’ve switched my focus to other outdoor adventure, mainly through hunting in quiet areas, and getting there mainly by my own power (hiking, biking, canoeing).

My love of the outdoors has grown as I have found new opportunities and recreation/passion while I’ve matured and traveled.   I’ve been living in and traveling and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies for the last ten years for my day job as an engineer, and have utilized that opportunity to experience some of the best natural areas that the top left-hand corner of the U.S. has to offer.

I’ll try to give you a little different viewpoint that hopefully you can appreciate.  Sometime through crude and insensitive humor. We’ll talk about strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve and exploit them.

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